What is The Fastest Way to Grow Your Fitness Business??

Before I answer the question, “What is the fastest way to grow your fitness business?” I would like to share some points on where the fitness industry is heading in the future.

The fitness industry has changed so much over the last 10 years, with the popularity and global expansion of the 24-hour model; niche training facilities and even online coaching and training.

I believe the most significant growth areas for the fitness industry in 2016 and beyond will be the franchised 24-hour clubs and also clubs offering cheaper membership as well as personal trainers offering small group fitness.

High intensity, “go hard, go home” type training facilities will still be very much in vogue in 2016. F45, the Australia fitness brand is the perfect example with dozens of new studios opening across the country.

Technology is also going to another level and will continue to be a huge point of difference over the next few years. Many health club operators will be left behind refusing to change with the times.

Health clubs both big and small will explore more options for their members and clients like bio-tracking software solutions, allowing people to track their activities both in and outside of the facility. This provides another level of accountability and paints a true picture of their members’ and clients’ fitness levels.

There has never been more choice for the consumer than there is in 2016 to get more active. Being an average fitness business with no real points of difference means it will be extremely challenging to not only survive within the next three years but also thrive.

2016 will be a big test for the fitness industry with what we refer to as the Geographic Wake-Up Call. Long gone are the days where health clubs would combat monthly attrition with a more sales mindset! Any bricks-and-mortar fitness business will only ever have a certain geographical radius in which it pulls it leads from.

After a certain amount of time these leads tend to dry up because the pool in which they market to is shrinking. The more competition that comes into your geographic area, be it the same brand as yours (this is called brand cannibalization), other brands, independent clubs and even personal training studios, the more your pool empties out.

Unless more people move into you geographical area in the form of corporations and housing (which includes apartments), the pool of potential members and clients will only continue to drop like water in a pool when you start to empty it out.

Competition within the global fitness industry is increasing at an alarming rate. With increased competition, the cost of acquiring new members and replacing lost members is rising.

Only clubs that take a structured approach to their monthly marketing with a huge emphases on “marketing integration” (same message, multiple media), along with a targeted approach to Social Media and Digital marketing execution will be able to secure enough monthly leads to grow.

Retention initiatives also need to be executed in a systemized fashion. Some deep and lateral thinking around the member journey, customer service, and programming to make it easier for members to achieve their health and fitness goals, is necessary to ensure more members keep their monthly membership going.

Now, back to the question, “What is the fastest way to grow your fitness business?” If you look at the most successful health clubs in the world, both big and small or even the most successful personal trainers they have coaches, mentors and a support system around them.

They fish out experts in Social Media marketing, sales training for their staff and individuals that can help take their business to a more profitable level.

Football teams, soccer teams even professional tennis players have coaches and a support team, all-working together to get to the next level….it simply works!!

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Frank Smarrelli

Co-Founder of Marketing for Gyms & Personal Trainers

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