Top 5 Must Have Website Features

When someone lands on your website you have 6 – 8 seconds to create a great first impression before you lose your visitor to another site. During this 6 – 8 seconds the visitor will make a judgement about the quality of your business and make a decision as to whether they want to connect with you.

Here are the Top 5 Must Have Website Features to ensure you create a great first impression and maximize the amount of leads generated from your website.



1. Clean & Modern Design With Quality Images

The majority of fitness professionals have old, outdated websites that are rarely updated. Your website must be clean and modern with consistent branding and slideshow images in the header section showcasing the facilities and services that you offer. Quality images give people an opportunity to connect with your business and you can achieve this by including high energy images of people having fun and training with a wide range of different exercises and equipment.

2. Welcome Video

A welcome video on the home page is highly recommended to give you a chance to connect with visitors. The video should be no longer than 90 seconds. Introduce your business, touch on some pain points that your visitors may be experiencing and then provide solutions for these pain points. At the end of the video give a call to action to register their details and this brings me to point number 3!

3. Opt In Form

Next to the welcome video it is essential to have an opt in form with a free offer to capture your prospects details and generate a lead. Once again, the majority of fitness professionals do not use opt in forms and it is virtually impossible to generate an online lead without one. An opt in form is simply a form that has name, email and phone fields along with an offer and a button to register. An example of an offer may be a Free 14 Day Trial to use the gym or try group personal training. The form needs to be linked to an autoresponder email system so your prospect receives an automated thank you email and you receive a lead notification email after they register.

4. Success Stories & Testimonials

Adding Success Stories and Testimonials is essential to add social proof to your website. When someone visits your website for the first time they want to see that you have achieved proven results for your clients. Testimonials should include an image of the client along with a story of how they have achieved their goals or benefited from your services. Short video testimonials are also a great idea.

5. Blog

Adding a blog to your website is a great strategy to add value to your visitors, brand yourself as a leader in your industry and also build quality relationships. People rarely sign up on the first visit and prefer to start following you first. A blog can be used to add value on topics such as nutrition, mindset, training, exercise technique and motivation. You can also link the blog to your social

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