7 Key Benefits of Integrated Marketing

Marketing is really nothing more than a system.

But here’s the catch: It is the MOST important system in your fitness club because without creating a system or process that brings you consistent quality leads on a steady and dependable basis, you’ll forever ride the revenue roller coaster suffering peaks and valleys, slumps and droughts, and living with bouts of anxiety and stress for as long as your fitness club is in business.


The sad reality is this is how most fitness clubs and PT studios operate across the planet, and this is why most of them either close down within five years, struggle or experience mediocre growth.

Well, even though that’s the reality for far too many fitness club owners and managers out there…it doesn’t have to be yours. Let me explain further.

Here’s the secret…

“The more media integration a fitness club owner or manger can use effectively, the more future members they will attract, and the less fragile their business will be.”

7 Key Benefits of Integrated Marketing

1) Far greater results with a unified message compared to a disjointed myriad of messages and offers.

2) Integrated marketing presents club owners and managers with a greater sense of order and organisation aligned with every marketing campaign.

3) In a highly competitive industry, a consistent, consolidated and crystal clear message across multiple media outlets has a greater chance of cutting through the noise of over 3000 messages per day that the average consumer is exposed to.

4) A highly integrated marketing campaign will always increase memberships over a fragmented one because the message across several media platforms will create more verticals for future members to become aware, aroused and ultimately make a buying decision.

5) Consumers don’t buy in a single advertising method. A strong integrated marketing approach engages the consumer on different platforms of media, i.e. social, print, direct mail, video and email. If your club is proactively integrating these strategies, the opportunity to engage with prospects is significantly increased.

6) Through integration, repeated impressions develop a branded thread within the consumer’s subconscious. This means top of mind awareness for your club.

7) According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the definition of synergy is, “The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.” This is exactly how marketing integration works. It’s a layering effect, whereby the more media you stack on top of one another with your clear message, the greater your return.

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