Health Club Marketing has Changed Forever

If you are a in the fitness industry and looking for tips on Health Club marketing you have probably come across the same old thing, letter box drops, newspaper ads and the like. If you are still using these methods as your only form of Gym marketing then you are not only wasting a lot of money but missing out on where the real health club marketing gold lies.

By now you would have heard of Facebook and social media but there is very little out there on how to actually use it to generate new leads and members at your club. Gym marketing has definitely changed in the last 5 years, if you are still a dinosaur in this area, it’s time you took some advice from a specialist such as marketing for gyms, or at the very least had a word to some of your younger, more tech savvy employees.

In this article, I am going to outline a number of strategies that you can use to not only generate new leads and members but save you a ton of money in the process.

Strategy Number 1 – Have a Free Pass (3, 5 or 7 days) giveaway on your website home page

Health club marketing should all revolve around generating leads for your business. By having an email opt-in form like in the image below will give people the chance to come and try out your gym for free. This is a great try before you buy strategy which many successful gyms currently use. The key is having a great lead to client conversion system set up so it makes it an easy transition once their trial membership expires. Now you have your free pass set up on your website, the key now is to drive people to your offer.


Lead Strategy – Set up a Facebook offer from your Facebook Fan Page (please tell me you have a Fan Page set up for your health club or gym) for your Free Pass


With a budget as little as $60 you can do a campaign driving thousands of people to your website to help you generate leads. If you compare the cost of doing a Facebook offer with a letterbox drop or newspaper ad you will find it a lot more cost effective, targeted and responsive.

Strategy Number 2 – Get a smart phone/mobile app for your health club or gym

You might be thinking, what good is a mobile app in regards to health club marketing? Well, having a mobile app for gyms is actually one of the best ways to generate more members and referrals. Health Club marketing is about to take a new turn and the gyms that get onto the new strategies early will benefit. Having a gym app has many benefits, especially if you have it built correctly. Some of the benefits include:
1. Offering a free pass to new app downloaders (which they can do from the front screen of the app and have the leads details sent to you directly).
2. Have members ‘Refer their friends’ to download the app (and pass) via sms, social media and email
3. View and book classes directly from their phone
4. Easily access information about the gym
5. View images of the gym (great if it’s a new person checking out the facilities)
6. Send unlimited push notifications about events, promotions and news
7. View Personal trainers profiles
8. Use it as a marketing tool
9. Much more….


The mobile app for your health club or gym is not only great for your members and their convenience but it works as a powerful lead gen tool. Everytime a new person that is not a member downloads the mobile app for your gym they can enter their details to receive a free pass, so you can generate leads directly.

Current members can also easily refer their friends and receive some sort of incentive (just like from the Facebook Page application) for doing so. They can do this simply and ea

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