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Attention all Fitness Professionals, Managers and Health Club Owners…You’re About to Discover How to Leverage Your Facebook News Feed to Generate More Clients and Members For Your Specific Fitness Business.

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Frank Smarrelli

Director of Marketing for Gyms & Personal Trainers

Brad Cusworth

Director of Marketing for Gyms & Personal Trainers

Dear Fitness Professional, Manager and Health Club Owner,

Just in case you are not sold on the fact that Facebook is your #1 Lead Generation Source for more highly qualified clients and members; perhaps then learn a little more about this social network platform that is not even a teenager yet!!

Facebook now has almost 1.8 billion users; yes almost one in every four people is using Facebook.

88% of all Facebook users access this platform from their mobile phones.

The average user spends 21-minutes per day scrolling down the Facebook newsfeed, looking at promotions and videos, liking posts, engaging, sharing and connecting.

There are 500,000 Facebook “likes’ every 60-seconds.

Every 8-seconds a new person starts an account on Facebook.

In June 2016 the number of video uploads to Facebook far exceeded YouTube video uploads. Wow!!

The reality is that video has been a priority for Facebook since 2013. Recently it went up a gear when it released Facebook Live Streaming. What does Live Streaming ultimately mean? More users coming onto the platform and more time spent on it.

This means more opportunities for businesses to grow and market their products and services. Most of your future clients and members are using and scrolling down the Facebook newsfeed right now!!

You can stay ahead of your competitors and set yourself apart by using Live Streaming as a separate kind of media, streaming live video content in a more spontaneous and off-the-cuff way; adding web links in your status update, pointing back to landing pages with exclusive offers and count down timers to add scarcity and urgency.

You must realise that your Business Ecosystem is simply made up of Facebook and your Web Pages. This is where most if not all of your future clients and members will come from. The key is to ensure that all these pages are optimized for business growth!


Facebook News Feed Supremacy

This online Facebook product (portal) will give you all the information, know-how and tools to literally create one of the best Facebook New Feeds in the Fitness Industry.

In fact we believe by using and implementing our Facebook News Feed systems, your Facebook Fan Page will move up the ranks to Super Fan Status!

This can only mean more exposure for you, not to mention more clients, more members and more opportunities to make more money for your specific fitness business.

What is in the Facebook News Feed Supremacy Backend Portal?

1. Copywriting Made Easy

4 Specific Copywriting Modules to Help Make Your Facebook News Feed Scream out From Your Competition.

  • Headlines That Grab Prospects by the Eyeballs and Pull Them Into Your Message.
  • How to Write Bullet Points That Get Your Prospects Buying Now.
  • The Ultimate 4-Step Copywriting System.
  • How to Create Killer Advertising for Your Fitness Club.
  • Recorded Webinar: How to Use Effective Copywriting in 7-Easy Steps so You Can Attract More Clients and Members

2. Facebook Cheat Sheets

11 Cheat Sheets to Help You Get More Engagement, Connections, Interactive and Create One of the Best Industry.

  • Social Media Topic & Conversion Wheel For Fitness Professionals.
  • How to Easily Structure Your Facebook Posts.
  • 10 Tools to Create Social Media Content For Fitness Professionals.
  • 25 Ninja Tactics for Your Facebook News Feed.
  • 21 Tips to Unleash the Power of Facebook.
  • 11 Strategies to Increase Facebook Page Likes.
  • 11 Reasons Why You Should Have Custom Built Facebook Tabs.
  • Essential Facebook Marketing Terms.
  • How to use Facebook’s Built-in Scheduling so you can be More Productive With Your Time.
  • 11 Reasons Why You Must Start Using Live Streaming Videos on Facebook.
  • 10 Live Streaming Ideas for Your Facebook Page.

3. Videos & Webinars

Specific Instructional Videos and Webinars to Help Turn Your Facebook News Feed Into a Lead Generation Machine.

  • How to do a Targeted Facebook Boosted Post From Your News Feed.
  • How to do Facebook Ads From The Ads Manager.
  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Your Facebook Newsfeed & What to Actually Post to Increase Engagement.
  • How to Easily Create Custom Online Web Pages in Minutes.

4. Facebook Done-For-You,
Cut-and-Paste Campaigns

Over 50 Done-For-You, Cut-and-Paste Facebook Post Examples, Campaigns, Facebook Boosted Post Images and 100% Mobile Friendly Timeline Banners.

  • Dozens of Facebook Boosted Posts Offers That You Can Model or Swipe (text only).
  • Dozens of Facebook Boosted Post Images Aligned With The Facebook Offers.
  • Dozens of Mobile Friendly Facebook Timeline Covers.
  • Dozens of Organic Posts with Soft Sells That You Can Model or Swipe (text only).

Facebook News Feed Supremacy

Receive Over $1,100 of Free Bonuses Including…

Bonus #1 – Valued at $900

Quick and Easy System: 30 High Resolution Fitness Images to immediately use on your Facebook News Feed and with your Facebook ads.

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Forever access to the Facebook News Feed Supremacy Backend Portal including all future updates.

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Email Marketing Bootcamp for Fitness Professionals - Everything you need to know about email marketing and how to maximize all of your email marketing campaigns.

Bonus # 4 – Valued at $67

Instructional Videos, Recorded Webinars and Cheat Sheets to help build your brand and business faster with the power of YouTube.

Bonus # 5 – Valued at $47

Free Business Accelerator Video – Learn the Exact Steps one of our Clients Used to Attract 274 Local Leads Directly From His Facebook News Feed With Less Than $280 spent.

Protected By Our Personal Guarantee

We are so confident that this product will teach you how to create one of the very best Facebook News Feeds in the fitness industry, where you will attract more qualified prospects and build your fitness brand faster (with less effort), that we’re willing to give you a full 30-days to try it out.

Invest in Facebook News Feed Supremacy, use the done-for-you posts, implement the information in the cheat sheets, watch the videos and webinars, action the copywriting content, use the fitness industry images supplied, and if you don’t see value in using this product now and in the future, simply email us at and we’ll issue you a FULL refund.

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Frank Smarrelli

Director of Marketing for Gyms & Personal Trainers

Brad Cusworth

Director of Marketing for Gyms & Personal Trainers