Apps for Personal Trainers and Gyms – How to grow your business Part 1

Apps for personal trainers, where do you start? There are many companies out there claiming they have the best apps for personal trainers, well, in this 3 part series, I’m going to be discussing how the use of a customized mobile app can greatly increase the lead generation, the referrals and retention of members to your gym or PT business. Marketing for gyms and PTs can be a complicated process if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s time for businesses to look outside the box and see what new strategies are available.
Mobile phone apps are the way of the future in regards to where business and marketing is heading. In business you need to be consistently looking to the future and picking up the trends of where things are heading.
A few short years ago if you were told you needed to have your business on Facebook you would have thought they were crazy and would have simply ignored the fact. Why would you want to be wasting your time on Facebook where people write messages and share information? Now days, if you are not on Facebook you are potentially missing out on being able to tap into an unlimited marketplace of leads and members.
Mobile phone apps are the new way to grow and market your business. Make no mistake though, not all apps are created equal. A poorly designed mobile app can in fact be a waste of money if it doesn’t have the specific features a fitness business needs. In this 3 part article series I will outline the Top 5 Ways a custom mobile app can grow your Gym or PT business. This article will be covering Lead Generating through a free offer on your app.

1. Lead Generating through a free offer

Being able to generate leads is one of the most important elements to any marketing strategy. Having a free trial of some sort such as a free PT session, Group Training or for a health club, a free 3, 5 or 7 day pass, is crucial. The free pass needs to be able to capture the leads details such as their name, email and phone number.
The backend of the app needs to be then linked up to an email auto-responder where the lead will receive a welcome email with the free pass. This provides to the prospect a high level of professionalism which will add to the credibility of your business. The app should also be linked up to the PT or Gyms email so they can be notified directly once someone opts-in. The new lead can then be followed up with to get them down for their free session.
Your mobile app will become one of your most powerful lead generating tools for your business. In the following articles, I have outlined a number of ways in which your free offer page on your mobile app can be utilized to generate a ton of new members for your Gym or PT business. We will delve into referrals, marketing and more, so stay tuned.

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